How much does it cost to sign up? - Nothing.  It's free to sign up for your Epacquire account.  Your account allows you to act as both a purchaser AND a contributor.

Is there a limit on how many videos I can watch every day? - Not at all.  You can purchase as many tutorials as you wish and have lifetime access to them through the Epacquire website/app.  View your purchased video tutorials across all devices and at your convenience.

How do I sign up as a contributor? - Just sign up for a free account with Epacquire.  Your account settings will allow you to upload a video.  All contributors must either have an existing Stripe account or set one up for use with Epacquire - this is how you will get paid.

How quickly do contributors get paid? - Your funds should appear in your nominated account via Stripe in between 7 and 10 business days.  This may vary from bank to bank.

Why should I pay for my tutorials? - It's been our experience that you get what you pay for.  We recognise that you have options, but in our experience, the quality tutorials with great content tend to be the ones we have purchased.  Your payment not only assists the contributor in providing even better content, but is a sign of gratitude that you appreciate the skill they have shared with you - it's win/win for both parties.

Does it cost anything to upload a video and act as a contributor? - Uploading videos is free.  Epacquire only charges a 20% commission on your video upon purchase (so take this into account when pricing your tutorials).

Will there be any ads during my tutorials? - Ads may appear in free content.

Are there previews to the videos that I can watch before I purchase? - Yes.  It is a requirement that all contributors provide a preview of their video during the upload stage.  This preview will normally be between 10 and 60 seconds.

If I contribute video tutorials, do they need to be in English? - No.  You can contribute videos and narrate them in your native language.  Epacquire is a global Education Platform. 

Do my videos have to have narration? - Yes.  Videos without narration will not be accepted by our review team.  Your clients are looking for genuine quality tutorials and videos.  Afterall, they're paying you for it.